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All Ages Are To Stance Submissive

Страсть к автомобилям не имеет границ и рамок, ей все возрасты покорны, будь то 16 летний пацанёнок или 30-ти летний парень. Сегодня мы расскажем об Алике и “Golf III Cabrio “.

«Eurocar Meeting Summer Chill&Grill; 2014» #4 final day

The last day in Romania turned out to be very hot and very intense! The cars which had air suspension installed got the chance to take part in the “Airride Battle” contest. Alik, sasha and their golfs were representing “Low House” The public was given the role of the jury, which had to support their favorite by shouting, clapping and whistling.

AE86 - Full of character

The cars people drive represent them.There's no better example of that than this 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS. This AE86 is the definition of character.Just look at it, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Back on the right path

Today in our timeline – a very popular blue golf. We think you already understood what car it’s going to be about.

Lowdaily: Bavarian Cult

Today we are going to talk about one of the cult body of the famous Bavarian brand, about that ”shark” – BMW in the body of E28

Video – Mercedes S124 Estate

A short video about the slammed Mercedes-Benz s124 Estate, specially for Low House.

The first stage of the championship of Moldova Auto Slalom 2014

On the 31st of May, in the central square of the city, have passed the first stage of the Championship of Moldova Autoslalom 2014.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class s124 - Estate

The hero of today article is the 25-year-old Andrew Vereskun and his Mercedes Benz E-classe S124. Andrew graduated university a few years ago, Faculty of International Economic Relations.

Video – VW Golf MK3 Cabrio Airride

Volkswagen Golf Cabrio mk3 on custom made ariride system in Moldova, R17 BBS RF5000 8.5j ET13

Pretends to be stanced...

This car was always fascinating and pleasing its owners and the eyes of the surrounding people, but have somebody ever thought that this car will become a part of the Stance culture and at the same time be an everyday car?

Video – VW Scirocco [Porsche Guards Red]

a short video about the VW Scirocco Porsche Guards Red

Jactitation | Volkswagen Scirocco mk2 –

"The City of Forgotten Legends" - perhaps this is the best description of the automotive world of Chisinau. Nobody doesn’t want to offend anybody, it's just a point of interest and concentration of rare cars that are perceived by local people as a must.